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Features and Benefits of Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid™

Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid is a proprietary formula of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. patent #4,676,918. No other liquid ice melter can make this claim.

Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid can be applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm and the following results will occur:
  • Black ice is eliminated.
  • Because of its residual effect, snow and ice will not bond to paved surfaces.
  • It melts faster.
  • It works longer.
  • It has a residual effect
  • It is Pet Friendly
  • It is environmentally friendlier.
  • It is less corrosive than distilled water.
  • It is DEC approved.
  • It is safe for concrete parking structures.
  • It even neutralizes rust!
Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid Saves Money, Time and Labor!
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